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About Us

People For Puget Sound is now a program of Washington Environmental Council. Our mission remains the same: to protect and restore Puget Sound to health.

Our vision is a clean and healthy Sound, teeming with fish and wildlife, cared for by people who live here.

People For Puget Sound Team

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In 2012, People For Puget Sound transitioned its policy, advocacy, and grassroots work to Washington Environmental Council and its hands-on restoration work to Earth Corps. Learn more about the transition.

For the past 20 years, People For Puget Sound and WEC have been strong partners, working together to protect Puget Sound. We each had different roles, but together were able to help update the Shoreline Management Act, establish the Puget Sound Partnership, urge Ecology to adopt permits to curb polluted runoff, push for statewide funding for clean water projects, and much more.

Our People For Puget Sound Program carries on the same mission: to protect and restore Puget Sound to health. It’s a big task, but it’s one we take on with confidence in the fit with our mission and the strength of our partners.

Our Goals for Puget Sound:

  • Protect and Restore Water Quality
  • Protect and Restore Habitat Critical to the Recovery of Puget Sound Species
  • Engage Citizens to Protect and Restore the Sound