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What We Do

About People For Puget Sound

In 2012, People For Puget Sound transitioned its policy, advocacy, and grassroots work to Washington Environmental Council and its hands-on restoration work to Earth Corps.

People For Puget Sound is now a program of Washington Environmental Council. Our mission remains the same: to protect and restore Puget Sound to health. For the past 20 years, People For Puget Sound and WEC have been strong partners, working together to protect Puget Sound. We each had different roles, but together were able to help update the Shoreline Management Act, establish the Puget Sound Partnership, urge Ecology to adopt permits to curb polluted runoff, push for statewide funding for clean water projects, and much more.

About Puget Sound

A place of stunning beauty and natural wonders. Home to whales, eagles, herons, seals, salmon and millions of people. Puget Sound's health is our health-- the key to our region's quality of life, our economy and the legacy we leave our children and their children.

But the Sound is in trouble. Orca whales and salmon are endangered and may face extinction due to pollution, loss of habitat, and the ever-present threat of oil spills. Fishing, shellfishing, recreation and human health are increasingly at risk as toxins flow into our living waters. Together, we can protect and restore the Sound to health for future generations. Working together to make this happen is what People For Puget Sound is all about.

Our Goals

  • Protect and Restore Water Quality

Puget Sound and its waterways are an integral part of our lives; the Sound is both an economic driver in the region and is essential to our quality of life. Improving the Sound’s water quality will require multiple approaches and a long-term focus.

  • Protect and Restore Habitat Critical to the Recovery of Puget Sound Species

To restore Puget Sound, we must prevent destruction of habitat and restore critical habitat we have lost. Many of these special places are home to salmon, whales, shorebirds, and other native species.

  • Engage Citizens to Protect and Restore the Sound

Engaging citizens throughout the region is critical to restoring Puget Sound to health. Building on People For Puget Sound’s strong outreach and volunteer program will be a core component of our work.