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Host a Screening

Here are some ideas to get started:

How do I get a copy of the film? Members of People For Puget Sound, non-profit organizations, and schools can screen Sound and Vision for free. The screening fee for non-members is $25.

  • Home screening parties: This is an easy and fun way to spread the word! Invite your friends, family, co-workers & neighbors into your home to celebrate Puget Sound. The screening license is to show the film to a group of 1-30 people in your home (free for People For Puget Sound members).
  • Community Screenings: Bring Sound and Vision to public space in your community. Spread the word and help create a movement! This fee includes the license for community screening 1-500 people in a public space (free for non-profit organizations and schools).
  • Find more details about what you are going to receive in your Home/ Community Screening Kit here.

How do I publicize the event? We have a press kit, film clips, and customizable fliers on our screening resources page to help you get the word out. You can also create an event page on Facebook and link it to the Sound and Vision Facebook page.

What do we do at a screening besides watch the movie? As part of the screening package, you'll receive discussion questions that you can use as part of your event, along with ideas about how to take action and get the ball rolling in your community. 

What do I do with the film once we've watched it? You can either send it back to us or pass it along to a friend. If you do share it, we ask that your friend fill out the form on this page to help us keep track of who's watching the movie (screening fees apply accordingly, as listed above).

What if I don't have time to show the whole film or I want to focus on just one issue? The film is broken up into eight vignettes, which makes it easy to watch it in parts. You can see samples of two of these sections and get information on how to use these to publicize your event on our screening resources page.

If you're interested, please contact Rein Attemann at