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WEC Welcomes People For Puget Sound

Joan Crooks, Executive Director at Washington Environmental Council, welcomes People For Puget Sound.

I’m Joan Crooks, Executive Director of Washington Environmental Council, and I’m writing to introduce myself to you. As you may have heard, starting in October, People For Puget Sound transitioned its advocacy, policy, and grassroots work to Washington Environmental Council.

I know this is a big transition – especially for the many of you who have worked so hard to build People For Puget Sound as an organization from the ground up. I want to assure you that the work to protect and restore Puget Sound will go on.

At WEC, we are honored that we were asked to carry on the work of People For Puget Sound. For the past 20 years, we have been strong partners. We each had different roles, but together were able to help update the Shoreline Management Act, establish the Puget Sound Partnership, urge Ecology to adopt permits to curb polluted runoff, push for statewide funding for clean water projects, and much more.

We are excited to be digging even further into an issue we’ve been working on for many years. But I also want to be frank with you. There is not a big pot of money that’s coming with the People For Puget Sound programming. It won’t be easy and will take some time, but we are confident that we can rebuild an effective team that works together with all of us at WEC to protect and restore the Sound. And we will partner with a range of other organizations, at the local and state level, to get the job done.

On a more personal note, it was the threats of oil spills in Puget Sound that first got me involved in environmental activism as a young graduate student; the work of People For Puget Sound is very near and dear to my heart. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I'm looking forward to working with you to protect Puget Sound! Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved or volunteer.

Thank you,


Joan Crooks
Executive Director
Washington Environmental Council